Adam Gordon Gives Researchers a Better Digital Search Tool

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Frontrunners Innovate
Frontrunners Innovate
Adam Gordon Gives Researchers a Better Digital Search Tool

Adam Gordon, CEO of Independent Search knows that a lot of people aren’t just looking for the nearest coffee shop or how to get rid of pimples. He knows there are journalists, clinical researchers, thought leaders, health and wellness professionals, and those looking for specific information on health, legal, or historical topics, and more. Sometimes, that information isn’t as readily available as you’d like – hidden under a pile of ads or insignificant results. So, the solution has come up with is an independent search engine loaded with a rich archive of information along with access through their portal that doesn’t attach itself to your personal information.

Adam shares with Frontrunners Innovate Producer, Mary Kurek, how the company has evolved, where they are heading with the product, and who they need as partners.

Meet Adam Gordon.  (25-minute video)

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Mary Kurek, CEO of Frontrunners Innovate

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