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Sevaro Health is a teleneurology provider that was founded by vascular neurologists already serving as subject matter experts in the stroke arena as well as other neurology sub-specialties. Our goal is to provide each client with a high-performing network of medical providers focused on the best quality and patient outcomes.  It is our belief that telemedicine is the platform of the future. Value of care is an intricate component of the success that we have had in shaping the construct of our clients.

If there is one underlying truth that Sevaro Health has observed across our  Telehealth experience, it is that the road to a sustainable program is a journey.  This understanding is validated by our teams’ experience, we have a combined:

  • 20 years of telemedicine clinical experience
  • 30 years of combined telemedicine administration

In addition to these key values, our clinical leadership strives to mitigate areas of pain that cause risk to the patient, provider, and long-term sustainability of the program.  The metrics and methodology of our approach has shown substantial success with our clients, as well as the clinical care team.

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