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Craig Fearn - Business Mental Wellbeing

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Craig Fearn

“My work has centred around challenging the status quo regarding mental wellbeing in the work place. I strive to provide bespoke culture change that results in real-world benefits to staff and employers. This can be achieved through strategy creation and implementation, holistic planning and stake holder engagement, and disruptive innovation to the zeitgeist regarding mental wellbeing and the workplace.

My ideal clients are ones that see the need to change the ‘one size fits all’ nature of current workplace wellbeing strategies and who are willing to go on an innovative journey to achieve the best possible outcomes. Embracing new ideas and processes from digital to interpersonal interaction.  I work with technology, health, hospitality and corporate services businesses. Bottom line benefits of working with me include reduced absenteeism and increased profitability.  Softer benefits include positive endorsement of the business, greater innovation, and better performing teams.”

Case Studies:

Business Mental Wellbeing implemented a support programme for a global business serving the hospitality industry. Bespoke workshops enabled employees to rethink such issues as workplace stress and anxiety and to find a balance between personal achievement and performance.  Company objectives are tied closely to this achievement.

During COVID-19 with the isolation of home-working teams, the company has not only maintained productivity – it has increased it. And when the staff was surveyed after 2 months of working with us, more than 90% felt happier at work and better connected to their colleagues than when lockdown began.

The technology sector is renowned for its fast-paced work and high-pressure projects. One innovative digital provider came to Business Mental Wellbeing for guidance on implementing a workplace wellbeing framework – which we call a Well Workplace Charter. We worked with managers and teams to get to the heart of the business ethos and identify the areas that staff felt vulnerable to mental wellbeing challenges. This enabled us to deliver a Charter that is unique to the business and works with the HR policies already in place.

Everyone working for the business has been involved in the Charter’s creation and we had positive feedback from day one.  An open approach to workplace stress and the impact this has on mental health is a key part of the framework, as well as offering practical tools to manage anxiety and stress.  We have built-in a programme of 1:1 talking support.

COVID and its implications have changed the landscape and operations of both organisations, who work in very different sectors. By working with them to place a clear value on the optimum health of their employees – in every area of the organisation – we’re working together to add value to the bottom line. Both organisations report reduced absenteeism, greater productivity, and more proactive engagement from virtual team meetings.

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