First, if you are interested in being spotlighted as an innovator, which is different from submitting content, please visit here.

We do accept submissions from health, wellness, and technology writers around the world who are interested in providing content relative to our subject matter.  You would likely be a nonprofit leader or advocate with a perspective that you regularly share through postings and articles. The best way to determine if your work could be a fit for our magazine is to follow these guidelines:

  • Be sure your content fits with our focus areas (as mentioned above).  We like disruptive tech, unique processes and viewpoints, thought leadership, and content that is innovation-oriented.
  • If you’ve been previously published in any reputable online or offline publication, that would greatly enhance our attraction to your work. (We expect solid writing with good grammar.)
  • If you are a business who wishes to publicize your work, please check here for details on how we select innovators we spotlight and the work that we do for them.
  • We do not offer compensation for feature articles.

If you have questions or are interested in submitting an article and want to check its relevance to an upcoming edition, we will ask you to submit a few lines on your subject, attaching any previously published work that you’ve written, if there is such.  You can submit an initial inquiry by contacting us here.

Once you are given approval and your deadline, return to this page for instructions (see below).

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS (Once editorial approval for your submission has been granted, please adhere to the following requirements. All text must be emailed as a word document.  Deadlines must be honored.)

  • 800-1,000 words
  • Keep title to no more than 6 words 
  • Share keyword tags you feel most appropriate for your article.
  • Short 1-paragraph biography.  If you are a book author, you can include a link to where your book is sold within your biography.  You are welcome to include your Linkedin profile link and also your website link within your biography.
  • Clear color headshot not smaller than 1,000 px and not larger than 2,000 px 
  • Can include another color photo or 2 with captions (same size as above) that would relate to your article’s subject. 
  • Review your piece (use the free app Grammarly to help).  Staff will only review for obvious errors.

Photos must be emailed with the article. Do not send your article as a pdf or share it from Google Drive. If you have a relevant youtube, please include the link within your text.

Note:  All contributors reserve all rights in regard to copyright of their own material.  Make sure your content is accurate.