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Ambassador Fawad Ali Langah is on a Mission to Change Old Mindsets About Human Rights

In Diplomat, Human Rights, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

Global Peace Summit 2019 Amb Langah serving as Chairperson Human Rights Council United Nations Ambassador Fawad Ali Langah of Pakistan has been working on gender and human rights along with…

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Yurii Pozniak – Reversing COVID-19 and How Evolution of our Planet is a Factor

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…virus will mutate in the human body as long as the human immune system and brain allow it to do so. After natural selection in the human population or in…

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Her Highness, Princess (Dr.) Dato’ Seri Romona Murad (Malaysia)

In Diplomat, Education, Empowerment, energy, Health, womensempowerment by Mary Kurek1 Comment

…the World ” in the area of Peace and Humanity, along with Melinda Gates and Michelle Obama by the International Council of Human Rights, Arbitration and Political Studies based in…

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Youth Impact Game Changer: Adewumi Mojisola (Nigeria)

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…of volunteering and advocating for human rights has given her a better chance of developing her leadership skills with prestigious national and international awards like the Thomson Reuters Foundation, London…

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Game Changer: Vannary Kong (United States)

In Climate, Game Changers 16, Planet, Youth by Mary Kurek1 Comment

…markets, which also promote youth engagement. There was also an emphasis on corporate behavior that supports transparent and sustainable business. This would encompass standards on human rights, labor, environment, and…

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Dr Sandie Morgan Teaches Certification Training on Human Trafficking Awareness and Ethics

In Human Rights, Human Trafficking, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

…podcast producer, author, and administrator. Dr. Morgan recently served as Co-chair of the Public-Private Partnership Advisory Council to End Human Trafficking by presidential appointment. She hosts the Ending Human Trafficking…

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Professor Antonio Imeneo Co-Founded Books for Peace to Bring Light and Voice to Those Without

In Peace, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

…ex out of jealousy), 2019 / Sport and Human Rights dedicated to my great and fraternal friend Daniele Nardi (the mountaineer who died on Nanga Parbat 2018), who created the…

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Chidi Okoye – African-Based Global Security Expert

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…cosmopolitanism, and shared awareness of human rights – all-important attributes of sustainable development – have had a structural effect on global politics. So, the conflicts of the present era demonstrate…

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High Commissioner, World Humanity Commission, Ambassador Rubina H. Ali (Pakistan)

In Game Changers 15 by Mary Kurek1 Comment

…the time on the Executive Council of the World Humanity Commission. Over the course of several conversations, the General appointed Rubina Ambassador in Residence for the World Humanity Commission for…

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Fill Your Mind With Namara: Human Trafficking Interview with Survivor Francisca Mbuli

In Africa, Africa Innovators and Influencers, Fill Your Mind With Namara by Mary Kurek

…wasn’t completely abolished. A quick Google search defines human trafficking as “the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercially beneficial act. Traffickers use…