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Sonia Sachs is Creating an Intervention for Africa’s Community Health Workers

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…Her focus is on systems delivery, primarily for maternal and child health, at local to national scales. Sonia coordinated the health sector for the Millennium Villages Project, overseeing all health-related…

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Game Changer Kim Webber (Health Tech)

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health technologies and help them support and create new models of digital-enabled health care. She aims to embed and normalize digital health in the health sector. Networking interests: Health policy…

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Networking Opportunities Identified in The Introducer Edition on Health Tech

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…might talk relative to Kim’s interest in meeting “health policymakers and strategists who want to support health reforms with digital health tools.” Jacques is working on that in Ghana. Rakshit…

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Game Changer Henrik Ibsen (Health Tech)

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Henrik L. Ibsen, CEO, OpenTeleHealth, Aps, Denmark Why This Focus of Impact: Henrik Ibsen on Health Tech starts here: Henrik founded a healthcare IT company in 2003, worked for 10…

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The Effect of 5G Technology on the Healthcare Industry

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…share our excitement about the exploding #mobile ecosystem, #5G technology, and how it will continue to enable #innovation in #healthcare. See a brief highlight video here: Has your healthcare…

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Joyce Nwatuobi is Creating Greater Accessibility in Kidney Care and Behavioral Health

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…Joyce Nwatuobi is an accomplished healthcare executive, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. She is the CEO and Co-Founder of ThriveHealth, a digital health technology company headquartered in Milwaukee, WI. ThriveHealth is…

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Caribbean Health Research To Serve a UNSDG

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…with additional partnerships with the SUNY Global Health Institute and the Jamaican Ministry of Health. The Health Research Informatics Network will work with clinical research centers, community health centers, and…

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Healthcare Privacy From The Trust Bridge

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…(3pHealth) • David Clarke (TTB) Consumer awareness of potential privacy and cyber around healthcare is being to increase following recent issues such as the Irish healthcare ransomware attack. So what…

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COVID -19 vs. Mental Health: Nature and Faith as a Way Through

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…Taskforce and CDC are, in most cases, the exact opposite of what health professionals recommend as being beneficial for those with mental health issues. While isolating and avoiding groups are…