Dr. Osita Aniemeka, Founder, Sub Sarahan Open University & Guest Editor

Dr. Aniemeka flanked by colleagues of the
Sub Saharan Open University

It is our pleasure to bestow guest-editorship upon such a leader as Dr. Aniemeka.  Along with his contributions on sustainable development for Africa, he has (in the role of co-producer) shared with us in this publication some extraordinary individuals impacting development throughout the continent.  This edition is special in that it captures the spirit and determination of those making a difference in this critical region of our planet, and, in many cases, offers solutions to challenges.  Read, share, and act upon those missions that resonate with you, and, together, let's support Dr. Aniemeka's call to become the "African Frontrunners Movement."

"As Founder and President, Sub Saharan Open University (SSOU), I lead the African institution to bring disruptive learning in entrepreneurship, agropreneurship, innovations, and exponential technologies for business incubation and acceleration. SSOU emphasizes technological and scientific contents for the transformation of the African continent." ...