Meet FinTech Thought Leader Raymond Mobrez

Raymond Mobrez, Ph.D.

"I’m a former Bank Examiner and understand why banks are hesitant to get involved Fintech. Fraud is a huge deterrent.  That and governments have not found a way to Tax the new financial instruments. The mechanism hasn’t been figured out yet, and, figuring out this is what is referred to as Innovative Financial Engineering (IFE). The IFE system needs to be integrated into the Monetary System. This is key. Also, Regulation isn’t developed enough yet. The US is advanced in Fintech, and even some European and Asian countries are understanding the processes more quickly. Other countries aren’t so equipped to dive into Fintech. So, the big issues to move Fintech along are:

  1. Tax (#1) This is an uncharted area, but, needs to be addressed before smaller governments will get seriously interested.
  2. Mechanism needed for...
  3. Regulation development and uniformity to our financial system."